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Walking for Each Other | Voices for Creative Nonviolence

From the blog of Bruce Gagnon

There is a lot to write about from our last two days of the peace walk. I’ve yet to get any photos from our wonderful ceremony inside the state capitol in Augusta. I’ll post them when I can. We had an astonishing entry into Augusta yesterday – cars were honking at us like crazy – it felt like the circus was coming to town. People asked me why we had such a great response as we walked to the capital. I’m not sure, maybe the public thought we’d come to liberate them from our right-wing Gov. LePage. Maybe they’d heard about the walk and wanted to let us know they agree with us. Anything is possible these days.

Artist Natasha Mayers met us at the capital building front door with loads of her big colorful pieces of drone surveillance art props that she used last summer in her local July 4 parade. Big eyes spying on people inside a shower curtain, laptop keyboard hooked up to the NSA – stuff like that. The pictures will tell the story.

For more on this story, visit: Walking for Each Other | Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

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