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“What, quite unmanned in folly?”–Lady MacBeth

The new film Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars should be required viewing in all schools and homes in the United States, including the home of the U.S. president who could not be bothered to meet with the child victims of his drones who spoke in Congress this week.

One could even speculate what the appropriate fantasized outcome might be if, Clockwork Orange-style, Obama were compelled to view Unmanned. But fantasies are what got us into this. Former drone pilot Brandon Bryant opens this beautifully made, fast-moving film by describing his childhood comic-book-induced fantasies about “good guys” and bad guys” and how to become a hero. Bryant was up against student debt when a recruiter told him that he could work in a James Bond control center.

For more on this story, visit: Unmanned | War Is A Crime .org.

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