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Geopolitical shifts | Mazin Qumsiyeh via Popular Resistance

We are in the middle of major, some say tectonic, changes.  We see realignments going left and right that will change the geopolitical reality in Western Asia (the Euro term is “Middle East”) and even beyond.  Hamas abandoned Syria/ Hizbollah/Iran/Russia (SHIR) axis some two years ago and tried to accommodate the Zionist/US/Gulf monarchies (ZUG) axis.  It is now trying to shift back (but Iran does not seem in a Rush to accept the Hamas overtures).  Declassified 1970s documents showed that Fatah leaders o the ZUG axis nearly 30 years ago though Arafat kept his options open and was killed for his “noncommittal”.  Mahmoud Abbas interviews with Israeli and Egyptian TV tried to assure his commitments to this disastrous course that has strengthened Zionism and weakened the Palestinian struggle.
After the Iran deal with the 5+1 countries on its nuclear program, Iran is moving confidently to forge even stronger alliances with Turkey, Russia, and China while also assuring gulf monarchies that Iran has no intention to harm Arab countries interests.  The only constant Iran emphasizes is that it is not going to normalize with the Apartheid state of Israel. At one thinks almost in the same level as the US government is committed to defend the apartheid state of Israel. But then I saw evidence (from public discourse, private conversations, leaked documents etc) that the US itself maybe in the process of rethinking its self-destructive subservience to Zionist lobbies.
Perhaps that explains the Iran agreement and now the agreement to go to an International conference in January on Syria (which clearly is not making Israel happy).  Turkey (a major country ) has also reevaluated its direct support for the fighting against the Syrian government.  As the Syrian government with help from Hizbollah is cutting off armed supplies from Lebanon, now the only remaining support is via the monarchies and through Jordan-Syria border but even here signs of hesitation is coming.  Jordan and the gulf monarchies are beginning to feel that there will not be a PAX Americana made in Tel Aviv imposed in the Middle East.  Hence the importance of the tentative dance between gulf monarchies and Iran and Russia and Turkey.  Perhaps the US administration will indeed move in to the idea of multilateralism and a bit away from Zionism.  These trends are worth studying and analyzing especially by Palestinians.  Is there any sign to suggest that Mahmoud Abbas and the self contained Ramallah bubble around him is about to get connected to the changing reality?  Time will tell soon if this too will change (hopefully with people pressure). There si a movement now of Palestinian intellectuals and activists to demand such real and significant change away from the disastrous path that has gone on now for three decades (since 1974). Those interested, please email me.
November 30 is an international day of action against the “Prawer Plan” a plan to ethnically cleanse nearly 40,000 Palestinian Bedouins of the Naqab/Negev in an attempt to Judaicize the area. Please act and publicize in your city. The central rally for  Day of Rage will be held Saturday, 30th of November at 3:30 pm at the Hura Junction on Route 31 in the Naqab (map at http://goo.gl/maps/OwcLj).
Critical conference: Since Israel will not come to Helsinki conference on eliminating WMD in the Middle East, we bring it to Israel. “For a Middle East Free of Nuclear Weapons and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction”. conference in Haifa, December 5-6, 2013. More details here:
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What’s behind Israel’s biggest economic boom? The occupation.  By Dr. Assaf Oron
The period of Israel’s history that by far saw the largest economic growth, more than any other, was the six years following the Six Day War. And what agricultural, industrial, or hi-tech breakthroughs took place around 1967-1973? None worthy of mention. More than any other single factor, it was the establishment of the Occupation-Settlement Enterprise.

Palestinians set animal traps to protect lands from settler raids

What is Normalization?
….political, cultural and economic tool that allows Israel to dispense with the historical causes of the conflict and make its resulting realities seemingly banal. The most dangerous dimension of normalization policies is that Israel presents them as peace deals in themselves
At Tuwani- On the afternoon of October 17, Palestinians discovered 106 olive trees destroyed alongside Bypass Road 317, in a field located between the Israeli outposts of Avigayil and Mitzpe Yair, in the South Hebron Hills. Pictures at http://snipurl.com/2875x2p
From the camera of an occupation/apartheid soldiers operating in the middle of Bethlehem

For more on this story, visit: Popular Resistance: Geopolitical shifts.

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