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Warsaw and BRICS lessons in unsustainability | Pambazuka

What is to be done, in the wake of the Warsaw climate summit’s conclusive failure to cap emissions two weeks ago? The answer: walk out of the United Nations process when it needs delegitimation, and work much harder to curtail pollution in your home sites of struggle, everyone in civil society agreed

The PanAfrican Climate Justice Alliance called for the walk-out, and I hope if conditions don’t improve between now and the next summit, in Peru a year from now, they take even stronger leadership to denounce the very presence of climate saboteurs from Washington and the other major polluting powers.

Moreover, after last week’s Durban ministerial summit of local-government politicians, officials and experts from the increasingly desperate Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa (BRICS) economies, unsustainability appears to be rampant in the South. For that we can thank both irresponsible multinational corporates and home grown firms that abuse the environment and societies, with nods of approval from corrupted, subimperialist local rulers.

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