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Climate State

On 8 May 1974, Henry Kissinger sent a cable from the U.S. State Department to the Secretary General of the UN. The cable contained a letter to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Secretary General D.A. Davies from Robert M. White, permanent representative of the U.S. to the  WMO:

Dear Mr. Secretary-General. Increasingly, world leaders have expressed concern over indications of possible long-term climate change.  This concern has become particularly prominent in relation to the Sahel drought.

In his address on April 15, 1974, to the sixth special session of the United Nations General Assembly, Secretary Kissinger called attention to this problem, noting that its implications for global food and population policies are ominous.  He proposed that this problem be urgently investigated with the objective of identifying guidelines for international action. Potentially, the resources of many parts of the UN system will be involved.  A better understanding of the meteorological aspects of climate change, together with an appreciation of the impact of such change on the well being of the world, is basic to the development of solutions.

That climate change would develop into the major nation security crisis for the U.S. has long been understood by policy makers. A fact that is at odds with their policy of climate change inaction. …

… The UK Ministry of Defence has published (February 2010) a similar report (PDF link) entitled ‘Global Strategic Trends – Out to 2040’. The report states: “defence is likely to increase in importance as population growth, climate change, resource scarcity and instability, threaten the ability of states to provide for their populations. These factors are likely to result in an emphasis on defending access to the physical necessities of survival.” ….

There are four parts to this story, so far. Click on the “next page” link at the end of each part.

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