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Nukes are Nuts | Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Are you a part of the 73% of Americans who want a nuclear free world?

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation is almost half-way to their goal on their Indiegogo campaign — if you think ?#?nukesarenuts?, head on over to donate and share the campaign on Facebook and Twitter!!


There are seven billion of us on this planet. Seven billion reasons why we must ban nuclear weapons to keep our world and loved ones safe. And the only missing piece to the solution is making our voices heard.

Someone has to push world leaders to enforce a ban against these horrific weapons. And that someone is you. We need millions of people shouting together for Nuclear Zero.
nukesarenuts.org is step 1 in our efforts.

It’s about everyday people expressing why they think nuclear weapons are crazy. We want to break through the apathy and awaken the world to the insanity of nuclear weapons. By bringing all of our voices together, we can shout so loudly that our demand for a safer world is heard and acted upon across the globe.

We’ve seen it before – when enough of us raise our collective voices for change, we can achieve monumental victories.

Nuclear weapons threaten everything we hold dear. Whether it’s for your mother, your son, your grandchild, your best friend, your serene vacation spot, your favorite field of trees, or your pet Rufus – whatever your reason, join us today and wage all-out peace for Nuclear Zero.

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