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Bridging the Distance: Teaching and Learning Peace Online | Daryn Cambridge

Daryn Cambridge is a Senior Program Officer at the United States Institute of Peace where he leads curriculum development and educational design for their Academy Online. He is also Peace Educator in Residence and an adjunct professor at American University, co-founder of Freedom Beat – a website and record label that explores the role of music and musicians in nonviolent resistance, and an education and training consultant who has done work with several organizations including: The Institute for Technology and Social Change, One World Education, Learn-Serve International, and the One World Youth Project. He serves on the boards of the Democracy Matters Institute and the Peace and Justice Studies Association. He is a proud graduate of the International Training and Education Program (ITEP) at American University. You can learn more about his work and passions at daryncambridge.com

Bridging the Distance: Teaching and Learning Peace Online
Filmed by Ford Fischer and Justin Parker
Edited by Ford Fischer

What can education look like amidst the myriad challenges and opportunities we face as a 21st century global community? The emerging role of online education has shaken up assumptions about what teaching and learning looks like, brought together learners across great distances to share knowledge, skills, and perspectives, and is providing spaces where education for peace and nonviolence can thrive. Drawing on his experiences as a peace educator, a father, partner, and global citizen, Daryn lays out a vision of how online learning can transform how we learn, what we learn, and with whom we learn. Be prepared to think and explore outside the box.

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Via YouTube: Bridging the Distance: Teaching and Learning Peace Online: Daryn Cambridge at TEDxAmericanUniversity

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