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A bad peace is better than a good war | Haaretz

by Gili Harpaz

We should create a graduated mechanism that will accompany the opening of the ground and maritime crossings with coordinated activity that will also include a significant reduction of Hamas’ military capability. At the same time we should immediately begin negotiations with the Palestine Liberation Organization for a final status solution, with international involvement by the Americans or the Quartet, while recognizing the reconciliation government that Hamas supports despite the fact that it is not really a part of it. During the first stage we can discuss issues of security and borders, and after agreeing on them, we can begin debating the subject of Jerusalem and the refugees and other controversial issues.

The detailed solutions are known to everyone and have been proposed in the past in the context of the Geneva Initiative, the Arab League initiative and the Annapolis talks. PA President Mahmoud Abbas has proven by his persistent opposition to violence and his efforts to achieve a cease-fire that he is the best partner Israel will have. It’s true that nobody can promise us that it will be a perfect peace. But a bad peace is preferable to a good war.

Harpaz is the head of public relations for the Geneva Initiative.

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