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Maine Walk For Peace And A Sustainable Future Oct. 11-20 | PopularResistance.org

The goal of the walk is to connect various communities that have become reliant on military production for jobs. We hope to accelerate a statewide discussion about the need to diversify Maine’s growing dependence on military production. Last year, Connecticut passed legislation creating a statewide planning commission to begin the process of moving away from its heavy reliance on military production. We need jobs building things like rail, solar, properly placed wind and other sustainable measures to help us deal with the coming reality of climate change.

The Pentagon has announced that Rangeley is one of four sites along the east coast being considered for deployment of an expensive and destabilizing “missile defense” interceptor base. These systems will be targeted on Russia and China and are key elements in US first-strike planning. General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems in Saco has a multi-million dollar contract to build gun barrel kits for the Army. In North Berwick, Pratt Whitney has a $2 billion contract to build F-35 Joint Strike fighter engines. Bath Iron Works has billions of dollars in contracts to build destroyers for the Navy. Taken together almost 10% of Maine’s gross domestic product derives from military spending. How can we ever end war unless we begin to deal with our domestic addiction to Pentagon spending?

Website: Maine Veterans for Peace

For more on this story, visit: Maine Walk For Peace And A Sustainable Future.

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