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The time for a nuclear deal with Iran is now | The Guardian

by Javier Solana

We urge the the EU3+3 countries the UK, Germany and France and the US, China and Russia and Iran to reach agreement on a comprehensive nuclear deal by the 24 November deadline. Postponing the final tough decisions ahead is likely to provide more opportunities for those opposing the diplomatic track to spoil this process. This is especially so when creative technical solutions have been formulated and a deal is within reach – a deal that will peacefully and effectively address proliferation concerns of the EU3+3 over Iran’s nuclear programme, while respecting Iranian legitimate aspirations and sovereignty.

Javier Solana Former EU high representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy and secretary-general of the Council of the EU; former secretary general of Nato, Ana Palacio Former foreign minister, Spain and former vice-president and general counsel of the World Bank Group, Carl Bildt Former foreign minister, Sweden, Emma Bonino Former foreign minister, Italy, Jean-Marie Guéhenno President and CEO of International Crisis Group, former deputy joint special envoy of the United Nations and the League of Arab States on Syria, Norbert Röttgen Chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the Bundestag and former federal minister for the environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety, Robert Cooper Former UK diplomat and former counsellor of the European External Action Service

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