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Resources for Working to Stop War Toys | WRL

Since 2009 the Granny Peace Brigade has hit the streets each December in an informational and educational outreach campaign to bring the issue of militarization of youth through toys and games of war to those buying gifts for the holidays.  Their “Smart Toys For Smart Kids” flyer gives people tips on how to select gifts for children.  For more info see their website at http://www.grannypeacebrigade.org/

Wear a “Don’t Buy War Toys” button, send postcards, display anti-war toys posters in your home, in classrooms, places of worship or wherever people gather. See www.donnellycolt.com for resources.

Code Pink has a number of organizing and informational resources on their Say No to War Toys page.

via Resources for Working to Stop War Toys | War Resisters League.

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