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Terrorism Index Makes Headlines | Vision of Humanity

The Global Terrorism Index, produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace, is the first data driven research to dominate mainstream media and to provide a fact-based understanding of terrorism and its causes.

The Index was launched on the 18th of November with an event at the Houses of Parliament in London. On the day of launch, the Global Terrorism Index featured prominently on the homepages of The Guardian, BBC,  Sky News, Business Insider, and The Atlantic. What’s more, the research was also highlighted in the New York Times’ top 20 most popular articles of the day, and was analysed by world leading journalist and author Fareed Zakaria on the CNN Global Public Square.

The quality and quantity of media coverage the Terrorism Index received is a significant win for the Institute for Economics and Peace (the brains behind Vision of Humanity) as the research aims not only to inform smarter strategies for tackling terrorism, but also to shift the global conversation around to terrorism to a more informed and fact-based discussion.

Taking stock of all the coverage, we can see four key areas journalists chose to focus on. These themes have been highlighted with examples of excellent reporting and coverage.

via Vision of Humanity.

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