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Building a Pathway to Peace; Preventing War Before It Starts; Nov. 12-13 | FCNL

What does it take to build peace? How can communities heal after violence and prevent another outbreak of deadly conflict? How can we ensure U.S. policy supports this peacebuilding?

At this year’s Quaker Public Policy Institute on November 12-13, we’ll hear from two peacebuilders who are working to support resilience and peace in their communities.  Sign up for the FCNL annual meeting.

Florence Ntakarutimana is a Quaker working as a Program Manager with Catholic Relief Services’ Trauma Healing Program in the Central African Republic. She is a Burundian citizen with almost 10 years of experience working in trauma healing programming. Prior to her arrival at CRS in February 2015, Florence worked with the African Great Lakes Initiative of Friends Peace Teams in Burundi, and has carried out trauma healing programming in Kenya, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, the United States, and Canada.

Hussein Khalid is executive director of the Kenyan human rights group Haki Africa. He travels to the U.S. regularly, including to participate in President Obama’s countering violent extremism summit in February. Hussein’s work with Haki Africa focuses on human rights and youth empowerment. He is an outspoken critic of the one-size-fits-all militarized response to violent extremism by the U.S. and Kenya. But, like many Muslim groups in Kenya, his NGO’s bank account was frozen following the attacks on the university in Garissa in April.

Please join us in Washington, DC for the Quaker Public Policy Institute and Lobby Day.

Florence and Hussein are two of the thousands of peacebuilders working day in and day out to prevent deadly conflict. We’ll be urging Congress to support their work by focusing on prevention, not war.

Last year, there were more than 430 who lobbied for diplomacy with Iran — and it worked. The success of the Iran deal is a testament to the power of the pro-peace, pro-diplomacy movement. Join FCNL as they continue their Quaker witness and lobby to build a pathway to peace. There are two ways to attend Annual Meeting this year.

  • Quaker Public Policy Institute and Lobby Day: Spend Thursday learning how to lobby Congress for peaceful foreign policy, then put your skills into practice during the Friday lobby day. Registration fee: $50.
  • Whole Event: The Quaker Public Policy Institute and Lobby Day, plus two more days of workshops, and community. FCNL’s General Committee conducts business during Annual Meeting. Registration is $250 for Young Adults, $275 for first time attendees, and $325 for past attendees.

Source: FCNL | FCNL Annual Meeting 2015

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