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Eyewitness to Hope and Hell in South Sudan | Time

South Sudan keeps grim company. In the world of neglected conflicts it brushes shoulders with the likes of Central African Republic, among the continent’s most unstable nations, and Yemen, where a Saudi-led air campaign against the Houthi rebels has taken a severe toll on civilians. But even then, South Sudan stands out. Its independence in 2011, after southerners overwhelmingly approved splitting from the north, came as a result of American backing. There was a big ceremony, and a lot of hope.

Dominic Nahr is a photographer working in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Follow him on Instagram: @dominicnahr

Alice Gabriner, who edited this photo essay, is TIME‘s International Photo Editor.

Andrew Katz, who wrote this article, is TIME‘s International Multimedia Editor.

Source: Eyewitness to Hope and Hell in South Sudan

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