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Thank you for standing strong in 2016 | Rev. Kristin Stoneking, FOR

by Rev. Kristin Stoneking

… To suggest there were no gains toward peace in 2016 is to diminish the countless hours you and I put into showing up—at rallies and actions, writing letters, and organizing meetings, Stoneking writes in a recent FOR blog post.

And to the faithfulness you showed in persevering in nonviolence by refusing to buy into us vs. them language, being willing to move away from comfort or certainty to accompany our most vulnerable siblings, and by holding and acting on a vision of the beloved community.

This is the “truth force” of Gandhi’s satyagraha: we cannot change reality if we do not tell the truth about reality as it is—even in all of its dismalness–and we cannot change that reality without the force of our moral convictions.

The truth contained in our moral convictions will lead us to an ultimate reality of peace, and out of the conventional reality mired in violence.

Read the entire post here: FOR’s Blog – Fellowship of Reconciliation

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