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Fellowship of Reconciliation issues strong opposition to refugee ban

The Fellowship of Reconciliation rejects and denounces in no uncertain terms the executive order Friday that suspended entry of all refugees to the United States for 120 days, barred Syrian refugees indefinitely, and blocked entry into the United States for 90 days for citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

Last year at this time, the Fellowship of Reconciliation launched the #GiveRefugeesRest campaign to demand that governors who had said they would reject Muslim refugee resettlement in their states retract those declarations.

Throughout the year, members from around the country sent pillowcases with the words #GiveRefugeesRest to those governors and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. We continued to advocate on behalf of refugees with delegations to Capitol Hill and Ryan’s district office in Wisconsin, organizing events to educate on and address Islamophobia and the Syrian refugee crisis.

Over the weekend, the National Council of FOR met in Atlanta and released the following statement:

The National Council of The Fellowship of Reconciliation USA deplores presidential “Executive Order: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements” signed on January 25, 2017. We #Exist2Resist all manifestations of oppression. #ImFOR #NoBanNoWall #GiveRefugeesRest

The Fellowship of Reconciliation will continue to stand up for the rights and dignity of all people, particularly those who are affected by the tragedy of war and targeted by violence due to their religion, ethnicity, race or gender.

We urge you to call your elected officials and register your dissent and distress over the actions of our federal government, and to connect with local FOR chapters, affiliates and other groups joining together to make clear that this is not who we are or want to be as a people. In the days to come, we will provide further information for the actions that you can take.

In this climate of anger, blame, scapegoating, and fear, it is essential not to become cynical, or to give in to despair, or to in any way mirror the violence we seek to eradicate. Acts of hospitality, compassion and sanctuary on an individual and communal level maintain our dignity and souls; we urge you to reach out and to be the change, the justice, and the peace that we seek.
#GiveRefugeesRest #NoBanNoWall #Exist2Resist #BeTheChange

In love and solidarity,

Rev. Kristin Stoneking
Executive Director
Fellowship of Reconciliation

Read more about FOR here: Fellowship of Reconciliation


President Trump is issuing a set of executive orders pertaining to immigrants and refugees.

Together, these executive orders grossly violates our core belief that every person contains within them a divine Light that we are called to honor and protect.

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