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New report: Why methane is Too Dirty, Too Dangerous | PSR

Today Physicians for Social Responsibility released their new report, “Too Dirty, Too Dangerous: Why health professionals reject methane.” With its summaries of recent medical and scientific studies, Dirty and Dangerous clearly conveys the health threats that accompany use of methane (natural gas) as a fuel.

The report is a potent tool for PSR members and others opposing the headlong rush to replace coal-fired power plants with methane gas. You can download the report here.

Here are some key findings the report presents:

  • Proximity to fracking operations are associated with congenital heart defects, increased risk of high-risk pregnancy and premature birth, worsening asthma, and increased rates of hospitalization for cardiac, neurological, and cancer-related problems.
  • Methane also accelerates climate change. In fact, it is far more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide over its first hundred years in the atmosphere. That’s a danger that isn’t often recognized, including among some environmentalists.


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