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A New Map for Relationships: Creating True Love at Home & Peace on the Planet | A New Map

How would you like to never have another fight or argument? And how would you feel if doing that helped bring peace to the world?

You are invited to eavesdrop as we reveal the secrets that allowed us to transform an almost failed marriage into one where we reclaimed the true love that we felt when we first met fifty years ago. Our marriage became a laboratory where we learned how to resolve seemingly unfathomable differences through holistic thinking and compassion. Listen in on our conversations so that you can do the same.

Working on global issues proved critical to bringing magic back into our marriage, and truly loving personal relationships provide the model for a peaceful, sustainable planet. Through formerly top secret documents, you will see scheming and outright lies get us into one needless war after another. You will also see how the same tools that transformed our marriage—holistic thinking and compassion—can avoid future such catastrophes.

The essence of this book is: “You have to believe in the seemingly impossible gifts of unconditional love and a more peaceful planet, and then dedicate yourself to discovering how to achieve them.”

Read the whole blog post here: A New Map | ANewMap.com

Recently, the Hellmans gave a “Google Talk,” which is now available on YouTube. We encourage you to view this important talk, which explains what the Hellmans are trying to achieve through their work.


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