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‘Bodies Die, Countries Don’t’: Are You Listening? Podcast | Global Voices

In this episode, we’ll hear about the tragic ways in which Venezuela is changing; the injustice that residents of Indian-administered Kashmir face; the fierce pride Nigerians have for their jollof rice recipe; the apparent criminalization of certain Facebook friendships in Thailand; and the institutionalized racism that exists within Brazil’s justice system.

Many thanks to Kat Batuigas for editing this episode together and Laura Vidal, Mariana Parra, and Raphael Tsavkko Garcia for helping us with narration. Also, a shout-out to Global Voices contributors Luis Carlos Diaz, Nwachukwu EgbunikeMong PalatinoMariana Parra, and Raphael Tsavkko Garcia and our partner VideoVolunteers for the stories we featured in this podcast.

In this episode, we featured Creative Commons licensed music from the Free Music Archive, including Let’s Start at the Beginning by Lee Rosevere (CC BY 4.0); The Sun Is Scheduled to Come Out Tomorrow by Chris Zabriskie (CC BY 4.0); Oldie Song by David Szesztay (CC BY-NC 3.0); Aurora Borealis by Lee Rosevere (CC BY-NC 3.0); Backed Vibes Clean by Kevin MacLeod (CC BY 3.0); Skeptic by Podington Bear (CC BY-NC 3.0); and Resiste! by el zombi flash (CC BY 4.0).

The image featured in the SoundCloud thumbnail is a cartoon by Eduardo Sanabria (Edo Ilustrado). Used with permission.

To listen to the podcast, visit the Global Voices website for the link: ‘Bodies Die, Countries Don’t’: Are You Listening? Podcast · Global Voices

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