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The search for safety: A Syrian tale | Oxfam America

The stories we most often hear about Syrian refugees are of those who embarked on perilous and illegal journeys to reach safe haven in Europe. This is not that kind of story. This is a story about what happens when the international community lends a hand so those who are already vulnerable can find a home without further risking their lives.

Life in the midst of conflict

Petite, bright-eyed Fatem remembers the fear she felt when war broke out in her hometown of Raqqa. She still shivers at the thought. “We were living in the heart of the conflict,” she recalls. “Every time we kissed each other goodnight we thought it could be the last time.”

Due to the conflict, her husband Khalil couldn’t work. Money was tight. They were expecting their first child, but couldn’t see a doctor. They made do with water and supply shortages, but the final straw came after their son Ahmed was born. They needed to buy him milk, but there was none available for purchase. “That was the moment when we clearly realized we couldn’t stay in Syria anymore,” says Khalil. He decided to go to Lebanon to find a job and a place to live – his young family would join him later.

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