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‘Chasing Ice’ Climate Film to Be Shown 6:30 p.m. July 27 | PEPeace

– Beautiful and terrifying –

For years award winning photographer James Balog has been alarmed about climate change. He didn’t especially like numbers and computers so he decided to make his point with video and photos of shrinking or disappearing glaciers. The result is the film, “Chasing Ice,” which will be shown at Orange’s Case Memorial Library, 176 Tyler City Road at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 27. Admission is free and ice pops will be available at no cost.

The showing is sponsored by Promoting Enduring Peace, a group founded in 1952 which takes as its slogan “Peace on Earth, Peace with Earth.” After the film there will be a discussion of latest developments, like the break-away of a trillion ton Antarctic glacier, the U.S. withdrawal from Paris climate accords, the unprecedented increase in greenhouse gas warming in 2016 and recent climate activism. It will be led by PEP Administrator Stanley Heller.

To reveal the impact of climate change, James Balog founded the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS), the most wide-ranging, ground-based, photographic study of glaciers ever conducted. He and the EIS team are featured in the 2012 internationally acclaimed, Emmy award-winning documentary, Chasing Ice

Balog’s work is in dozens of public and private art collections, including the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Corcoran Gallery, the Denver Art Museum and the Gilman Paper Company. It has been extensively published in most of the world’s major pictorial magazines including The New Yorker, National Geographic, Life, and Vanity Fair.

Stanley Heller said, “The film is both beautiful and terrifying. Balog had to invent new cameras to withstand Arctic conditions of powerful wind and below freezing temperatures. He shows what’s happening to the world’s ice and explains the dire effects of this for humanity.”

For more information about the event and climate news see pepeace.org and peacenews.org. More about the movie at chasingice.com.

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