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Codepink calls for more diplomacy between US/North Korea


Petition http://www.codepinCek.org/tillerson

For diplomatic talks with North Korea

With North Korea’s nuclear weapons program and its recent tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles that may reach the United States, there is an urgent need to break the cycle of threats and testing. U.S. military and economic pressure on North Korea—sanctions, provocative war games, and deployment of the THAAD missile system in South Korea—have not and will not work.
It’s time for a bold initiative by those with the power to move forward a peace treaty. Rex Tillerson recently said: “We would like to sit down and have a dialogue with them.” Tell President Trump to give Tillerson the opportunity to show us he’s a diplomat with the courage to make the peace deal of the century by sending him to North Korea.

Petition to President Donald Trump
With tensions rising between on the Korean peninsula and evidence clear that sanctions and military pressure against North Korea do not work, it’s time for a bold initiative. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson should be dispatched right away to North Korea to begin negotiations. The most logical beginning would be a freeze for a freeze: North Korea would freeze its nuclear and missile testing in return for the United States and South Korea freezing their annual military exercises.
Sixty percent of Americans, regardless of political affiliation, support direct negotiations between Washington and Pyongyang. So does President Moon of South Korea and Secretary of State Tillerson. We urge you to give Tillerson the opportunity to show us he’s a diplomat with the courage to make the peace deal of the century.

From MoveOn.org
Stop the insanity. Don’t provoke a war with North Korea.
There are currently 93,500 signatures.
NEW goal – We need 100,000 signatures!

Donald Trump is making us all more unsafe with every war-mongering comment, tweet, and threat. His rhetoric threatening North Korea with “fire and fury” is exacerbating a dangerous situation, putting the people of Guam–and everyone around the world–in grave danger. While a nuclear North Korea is a real concern, the answer must be diplomacy-first, not a rush to a potentially devastating nuclear war.

The American people say “no” to war with North Korea.

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