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PEP Talk – Climate Catastrophe Avoided! | George Gantz

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George Gantz is a retired business executive with a life-long passion for mathematics, science, philosophy and theology. He holds a BS in Mathematics with Honors Humanities from Stanford University. He is the author of www.spiralinquiry.org and he directs the online Forum on Integrating Science and Spirituality (www.swedenborgcenterconcord.org). George is a board member of Promoting Enduring Peace.

When all the news seems bad, it’s time to remember — we’ve had some successes, too. Anyone old enough will remember the ozone hole crisis back in the 1980’s. Ozone in the upper atmosphere protects the earth from most of the blistering UV radiation of the sun, and chemicals including CFC’s being used in many products such as refrigerators had started to destroy it.

Image from NASA - see live video at NASA/Goddard

Image from NASA – see live video at NASA/Goddard

But in 1987, 43 nations (ultimately more than 200) signed onto the Montreal Protocol phasing out the production of many ozone-depleting chemicals. UN Secretary General Kofi Annan called it “perhaps the single most successful international agreement.” In the past few years, scientists have confirmed that we have reversed the Earth’s course – the ozone hole should close by 2050.


What led to this incredible success — and can we achieve the same success with global warming and other issues? The answer is yes. And the single biggest factor in bringing about changes in industrial practices and government regulations is public opinion. Public fear and concern drove the process on the Montreal Protocol, and it can drive the process on climate change. So let’s get informed, get involved, and make some noise!

This PEP Talk can be viewed on YouTube: Climate Catastrophe Averted!

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