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Keeping faith in forests | Thompson Reuters Foundation

by Frances Seymour | World Resources Institute

Appreciation for the wonder and beauty of nature is a thread that weaves across a wide variety of religious traditions. “For the Beauty of the Earth” was a hymn sung frequently in the worship services of my childhood in praise and thanks for Creation. Tropical forests harbor some two-thirds of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity, ranging from the charismatic megafauna of jaguars and gorillas to the astonishing variety of flowering plants.

In many human cultures, spiritual traditions are inextricably bound up with nature, with forests figuring prominently in creation narratives from all parts of the world. Among the participants in the Oslo meeting are indigenous leaders from the Amazon, Congo Basin, and Southeast Asia. Indigenous communities are the de facto stewards of much of the world’s remaining forested areas, even if their rights to these forests often remain unrecognized.

Source: Keeping faith in forests

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