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Protest of Nov. 12 ZOA Alt-Right Meeting? | Stanley Heller

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Stanley Heller Administrator of and writer for Promoting Enduring Peace and hosts “The Struggle” TV News, at www.TheStruggle.org. He can be reached at stanley.heller@pepeace.org.

Zionist Organization of America is having a “gala” in the evening on Nov. 12 at the Grand Hyatt hotel in NYC. Not only will the usual crew be present (like Joe Lieberman and Sheldon Adelson) but this year they’ve invited Alt-Right figures Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka. I wonder if Gorka will wear his Vitézi Rend medal? The Vitézi Rend was/is a criminal group in Hungary directed by the German Nazis until 1945, banned and revived in Hungary after 1989.

To give you a taste of ZOA politics in July their NYC group sponsored a lecture by an Israeli “academic expert on the Israeli Arab population” Dr. Mordechai Kedar. To give you an idea of his “expertise” in 2014 on Israeli Radio Bet Kedar advised that the way to prevent suicide bombers was to let it be known that if the bomber was caught “his sister or his mother would be raped.” Here’s another aspect of ZOA politics. Its head Morton Klein unashamedly has an article in Breitbart, despite accusations that the Alt-Right site has “deep ties to modern Nazi figures in the US.”

Now I don’t want to minimize the awfulness of the awfuls. Sheldon Adelson, the gambling billionaire, funds the far right in Israel and a year or so ago proposed a nuclear bomb be dropped on Tehran. Joe Lieberman has made his post-Congress career become leadership of a campaign to gut agreements with Iran and make war inevitable.

An added speaker to the program is French “swashbuckling” intellectual Bernard-Henri Lévy, an enthusiastic inciter of the NATO war on Libya.

Could a protest of the ZOA “gala” this year get a wide following?

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