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Global Voices 2017 Summit in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Dec 2-3

Are you looking for global connections, deep conversations and inspiring community?

Join the Global Voices 2017 Summit in Colombo, Sri Lanka on December 2-3 to meet activists, bloggers, journalists and influencers from 60 countries!

At the Summit, we’ll be discussing the evolving state of the open Internet, the future of online conversations, and human rights in the digital age. In interactive sessions, panels, and debates, we will delve into complex issues ranging from misinformation and disinformation to corporate hijinks to legal threats against bloggers and activists—all challenges that could make or break the future of the internet. At the Summit, you’ll get to hear about many inspiring digital journalism, advocacy and social justice projects happening around the world.

Since 2005, Global Voices Summits have brought together the most innovative and inspiring digital activist and citizen media communities from around the world in London, New Delhi, Budapest, Santiago de Chile, Nairobi and Cebu City. Global Voices Summits spark friendships and collaborations across borders, languages and ideas.

Join us in Colombo, Dec 2-3!

For more info and program details, visit our website: summit2017.globalvoices.org
For queries, email: summit@globalvoices.org

Music credit: Cree by Satellite Ensemble CC BY-NC 3.0 (freemusicarchive.org/music/Satellite_Ensemble/Rituals/Cree)
Image credit: Creative Commons Flickr users Jer Clarke, Joi Ito, Rezwan, Laura Schneider, Georgia Popplewell and Global Voices.

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