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Waging Nonviolence’s most-read stories of 2017 | WNV

Unlike most news retrospectives — which will only remind you of what’s wrong in the world — the most-read Waging Nonviolence stories of 2017 show the upside to a very difficult year: people confronting those wrongs and making serious advances toward justice.

10. A manual for a new era of direct action | by George Lakey
An organizing manual that powered the civil rights movement gets a 2017 update.

9. Why Black Bloc tactics won’t build a successful movement | by Kazu Haga
Black bloc tactics have received much praise in recent weeks, but there are many valid questions about their effectiveness that we ignore at our own peril.

8. How prisoners organized to elect a just DA in Philly | by Kerry “Shakaboona” Marshall and John Bergen
Thanks to an insurgent criminal justice reform campaign waged by prisoners, their families and community groups, Philadelphia elected an anti-incarceration district attorney.

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