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Don’t Bank on the Bomb: Public Forum Saturday, Jan. 27, 2-4 p.m. Cambridge

In 2016 the Cambridge City Council passed a resolution to divest City-managed pension funds from companies that produce nuclear weapons, or invest in their production. The forum will address the issues confronting city government as it works to follow through on that resolution.

Additionally, the forum will provide advice to individual investors on how to divest their own savings from nuclear weapons production and invest in peaceful alternatives. Sign up and get tickets via their Facebook page.

2:00 pm Welcome and Background – City Councilor Dennis Carlone

• Continuing Nuclear Dangers – Prof. Elaine Scarry (Harvard Univ)
• The Nuclear Weapons Industry – Richard Krushnic (People’s Engagement)
• The Immorality of Nuclear Weapons – Rev. Herb Taylor (Harvard-Epworth United Methodist Church)
• The South Africa, Tobacco Industry and Fossil Fuel Precedents – Prof. Jonathan King (Massachusetts Peace Action)

2:45 pm Short break.

3:00 pm Divestment initiatives – Chair, Shelagh Foreman (Massachusetts Peace Action)

• Divesting from Individual Portfolios: Lucas Perry (Future of Life Institute)
• Divestment as a General Disarmament Strategy – Jodie Evans (Code Pink)
• Tackling the State legislature – Rep Mike Connolly (26th Middlesex district)
• Building Statewide Divestment Campaigns – Cole Harrison (Massachusetts Peace Action)

The forum is free but please Pre-Register

Sponsored by the Cambridge Peace Commision; Massachusetts Peace Action; Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security; Institute for People’s Engagement; and Future of Life Institute

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