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President Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review | FAS Roundup

FAS Nuclear Verification Task Force members, Chris Bidwell (FAS), Harvey Rishikof (American Bar Association), and John Lauder (James Garfield Institute) discussed their latest report on nuclear monitoring and verification in the digital age at the Hudson Institute’s January 26 event.

You can watch a video of the entire event here.

From the Federation of American Scientists:

On Friday, January 26, Hudson Institute hosted a discussion on the work of the Nuclear Verification Capabilities Independent Task Force of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS). Task Force members discussed their most recent report, Nuclear Monitoring and Verification in the Digital Age.

Major themes addressed in this report include: the increasing availability of inexpensive and commercially available imagery; widescale electronic distribution of trade data; and the abundance of new media channels available for rapid distribution of updated information and analysis, all with varying degrees of quality and correctness.

Hudson Senior Fellow Richard Weitz moderated the discussion. Copies of the task force report will be available.

Hudson Institute would like to thank the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation for supporting our nuclear nonproliferation and security dialogues. Follow our MacArthur Foundation work at the link here.

This event will be live streamed on Hudson’s homepage.



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Like President Donald Trump, the Pentagon’s new nuclear policy document sees a dark and threatening world. It argues that potential U.S. adversaries such as China, North Korea, and Russia are rapidly improving their nuclear capabilities and gaining an edge over the United States. But rather than laying out a plan to halt this slide into a more dangerous world and working to decrease reliance on nuclear weapons, the Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) hastens its rise by accepting the reasoning of U.S. adversaries and affirmatively embracing nuclear competition.

Source: Trump’s Troubling Nuclear Plan | Foreign Affairs

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