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We Can Avoid War with North Korea — If We Listen to Women Peacemakers | Ms. Magazine Blog

The U.S. and North Korea have been at war for 67 years. Between 1950 and 1953, the Korean War killed over two million Koreans, 36,500 American troops and hundreds of thousands more from other countries on both sides. Since then, a united Korea for well over a thousand years has given way to a stark division. Hundreds of thousands of family members physically torn apart by war and outside aggressors know that with each passing day, hope fades that they will reunite.

We don’t talk about peace, reconciliation and reunification in these ways when we talk about the international crisis surrounding the Korean peninsula. It’s easy to see why. North Korea is an odd, isolated nation with a devastating human rights record; South Korea is a flourishing democracy. American politicians and the foreign policy establishment see two vastly different Koreas, with little bridging the divide.

But now, conventional thinking isn’t just continuing the status quo—it’s putting us on a path to renewed war. If we want to truly achieve peace, we must listen to the voices of those who have witnessed the human costs of war on the Korean Peninsula. And, on all sides of the negotiating table, women must be heard.

For more on this initiative, visit https://www.womencrossdmz.org/vancouver.

Read the whole story here: We Can Avoid War with North Korea—If We Listen to Women Peacemakers – Ms. Magazine Blog

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