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Stop the wars at home and abroad NYC April 15

There is no way to peace without dramatically cutting the $700 billion Pentagon budget and ending the many wars the US started and is engaged in. STOP THE WARS AT HOME AND ABROAD!

On the other hand the Trump administration is proposing more war spending and all CT members of Congress voted with their colleagues to increase the Pentagon budget by $80 billion dollars, a third more than even Trump asked for. This is a recipe for more killing, more refugees, more cultural devastation and indeed economic disaster for our own country. STOP THE WARS AT HOME AND ABROAD!

Cuts to the funding of education, environment, jobs, healthcare, science, civil rights, infrastructure can only be reversed when we stop funding war. Ending the internal assault on minorities, immigrants, people of Muslim faith, women, our youth – ending the mass killings – requires strong opposition to militarization and warmaking. STOP THE WARS AT HOME AND ABROAD!

The No US Foreign Bases Coalition, which brought together many peace organizations (<http://noforeignbases.org>) and held a successful conference in Baltimore in January resolved to organize a national day of demonstrations on tax day 2018. There will be demonstrations in San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago and New York. STOP THE WARS AT HOME AND ABROAD!

From Connecticut we want to send a large contingent to New York. Please See attached flier. We also want to subsidize transportation in particular to encourage youth to participate. STOP THE WARS AT HOME AND ABROAD!

Please help organize this effort. Join us. March and bring a crowd.

April 15, 2 p.m. Union Square, New York

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