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Anti-war demonstrations April 15 NYC

President Trump is warning he will escalate the war on Syria. How far such escalation will go is a scary prospect. Each time the US or an ally attacks Russia or its ally Syria by shooting down a plane, by bombing combatants, by shooting missiles into Syria and there is no counter from Russia, each time the US gets bolder. At some point Russia will strike back. Then the US will decide to escalate or not. This is a game of chicken and the world is the loser.

The claim that Syria used chemical weapons is unproven and the source comes from the anti-Assad partisans, who have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Assad has everything to lose and nothing to gain. The propaganda is based on the mad man theory: Assad is mad, therefore he does irrational things. But this is simply the misleaders of the US projecting their own actions.

There are major demonstrations planned for Sunday Apr. 15. If we take Trump at his word, there is little time left to stop the madness.

The CT Peace & Solidarity Coalition is organizing a group to go on a train to NYC from New Haven: leave on the 10:45 a.m. and return on the 7 p.m.  Join the group – or go separately.

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