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Panama Papers law firm founders ‘investigated by’ the FBI | ICIJ

Ramón Fonseca and Jürgen Mossack, the founders of the law firm at the heart of our Panama Papers investigation, are the targets of a federal investigation in the United States, according to new court documents. The new documents are part of the founders’ attempt to stop Netflix streaming The Laundromat, which is set to hit screens this Friday. The Panama Papers-inspired film is based on a book by reporter Jake Bernstein.

“If Netflix’s movie and the false innuendo expressed therein is permitted into the viewing home of millions of its subscribers, the plaintiffs would be severely hindered in any attempt at a comeback,” the documents state.

Private investigator Arthur Ventura Jr states in an affidavit to the Connecticut District Court that “in his opinion” Mossack and Fonseca “are not only targets of a federal investigation” but are also subject to U.S. prosecutors’ positions “that both men serve a sentence of incarceration.”

Source: Panama Papers law firm founders ‘investigated by the FBI’ – ICIJ

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