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Green Party of the US opposes military intervention in Mali, urges withdrawal of AFRICOM | gp.org

The Mali rebellion is blowback from the U.S./NATO ouster of Gaddafi from Libya; efforts to gain control of African resources (oil, uranium, etc.) and competition with China are driving miltiary policies disguised as ‘War on Terrorism’, say Greens. WASHINGTON, DC — The Obama Administration is pursuing policies in Africa that threaten regional stability and innocent populations, including military intervention in ...

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Central African Republic: CAR Rebels Dissatisfied with Peace Accord | allAfrica.com

By Kimeng Hilton Ndukong Less than two weeks after the signing in Libreville, Gabon of a series of peace and power-sharing deals by Central African Republic stakeholders, Sèléka rebel field commanders have expressed dismay at the terms of the accords, RFI reported yesterday, January 22, 2013. For more on this story, visit: allAfrica.com: Central African Republic: CAR Rebels Dissatisfied with ...

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Women waging peace | Harvard Gazette

After “the women of Liberia got to the [negotiating] table, we’ve had 10 years of peace," Julia Duncan-Cassell (standing), Liberia’s minister of gender and development, told a Harvard Kennedy School audience. Among the panelists were moderator Swanee Hunt (from far left), Sabrina Saqeb (not seen), Wafa Bugaighis, Rajaa Altalli, Ja Nan Lahtaw, and Sofi Ospina. (Katherine Taylor/Harvard Staff Photographer)

At a packed John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum at the Institute of Politics at the Harvard Kennedy School recently, six female leaders discussed how they’re waging peace and promoting inclusiveness in their war-ravaged nations. Moderator Swanee Hunt, the Eleanor Roosevelt Lecturer in Public Policy and former U.S. ambassador to Austria, facilitated a compelling discussion of how peace is a core women’s issue and why women need roles in resolving national conflicts.

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The Myth of Africa’s Rise | By Rick Rowden, Foreign Policy

Rich countries figured out long ago, if economies are not moving out of dead-end activities that only provide diminishing returns over time (primary agriculture and extractive activities such as mining, logging, and fisheries), and into activities that provide increasing returns over time (manufacturing and services), then you can't really say they are developing.

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CAR Rebels Agree to Ceasefire During Peace Talks

DAKAR/BANGUI — The rebel coalition that has seized one-third of the Central African Republic (CAR) during its month-long rebellion has agreed to a temporary, one-week ceasefire. The agreement was reached during peace talks with the government that are underway in Gabon. Residents of CAR’s capital, Bangui, say they want peace at any cost. For more on this story, visit: CAR ...

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Congolese Peace Talks Threaten to Stall | NYTimes.com

KAMPALA, Uganda — Congolese rebels threatened to pull out of peace talks with the Congolese government, after accusing the Congolese military of arming militias to reinforce positions along the front lines in eastern Congo. For more on this story, visit: Congolese Peace Talks Threaten to Stall – NYTimes.com.

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CAR rebels say to join peace talks, halt advance | Reuters

Jan 2 (Reuters) – Central African Republic’s rebel coalition said on Wednesday that fighters had been ordered to halt an advance on the capital and that representatives from the insurgency would join peace talks being organised in Libreville, Gabon. “I have asked our forces not to move their positions starting today because we want to enter talks in Libreville for ...

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Wrestling for Peace in South Sudan | National Geographic

… ‘Wrestling for Peace and Unity,’ and featured matches by two rival tribal groups, the Bor-Dinka and the Mundari. This was the first of a series of events planned in South Sudan with a focus on using the sport of wrestling to build relations between communities. Wrestling is popular among most tribal groups in South Sudan, and these matches have ...

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U.S. Contributes $7.9 Million to the UN World Food Program’s Agriculture and Market Access Programs | ReliefWeb

The U.S. Mission in Uganda today announced a contribution of $7.9 million toward agriculture and market access activities of the UN World Food Program (WFP). The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), through the U.S. Government’s Feed the Future initiative, will deliver the funding on behalf of the American people. KAMPALA – The United States is the largest funder of ...

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