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Journalist Seeking Truth About Khmer Rouge ‘Fears for His Life’ | RSN

One of Cambodia’s leading journalists and foremost researchers on the Khmer Rouge has told the Guardian he fears for his life after a two-year harassment campaign by state security forces he claims are attempting to prevent him from completing his latest film about the Killing Fields. Award-winning film-maker Thet Sambath – whose 2010 documentary about the Khmer Rouge, Enemies of ...

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Along Korea’s DMZ, No Sign That Tensions Are Easing | NPR

As part of his visit to South Korea for the Nuclear Security Summit with 52 other heads of state Monday, President Obama is paying a visit to the military armistice line that has divided the Koreas. North Korea’s new leader Kim Jong Un made an unannounced visit to the DMZ earlier this month. There have been hopes that the recent ...

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Western countries scramble for Afghan exits | Asia Times Online

TASHKENT, Uzbekistan – As international forces prepare for withdrawal from Afghanistan, Western countries are already in talks with Afghanistan’s Central Asian neighbors to bring their troops and military equipment back home. The Pakistani route and the Northern Distribution Network (NDN) running through Central Asian countries are the two viable routes for international forces to withdraw from Afghanistan. The United States ...

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Winds of change blow through China as spending on renewable energy soars | The Guardian

The remote, wind-blasted desert of northwestern Gansu could be the most unloved, environmentally abused corner of China. It is home to the country’s first oilfield and several of the coalmines and steel factories that have contributed to China’s notoriety as the planet’s biggest polluter and carbon dioxide emitter. But in the past few years, the landscape has started to undergo ...

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Who was behind the Delhi bombing? | Al Jazeera

Washington, DC – The magnet bomb that exploded on an Israeli Embassy diplomat’s car in Delhi on February 13 seemed on the surface to be consistent with an Iranian-sponsored action. It was carried out with same method by which Israel’s Iranian proxy, the Mujahedin-e Khalq, had assassinated an Iranian scientist in mid-January. It occurred on the anniversary of the 2008 ...

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The call of the Taliban | The Independent

The Afghan Peace and Reconciliation Programme (APRP) was established in 2010 and aims to peel low- to mid-ranking fighters away from the insurgency. A total of 3,825 former fighters have joined the programme to date, according to the High Peace Council. Those who agree to hand over their weapons and support the government are helped to rejoin their communities. From ...

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Thailand’s Tentative Peace Is Collapsing | Joshua Kurlantzick, The Atlantic

In a brief but informative piece in the Wall Street Journal recently, veteran correspondent James Hookaway notes that “a delicate détente between Thailand’s powerful armed forces and a populist government led by [Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra] … is looking increasingly fragile.” Saying that the truce is “increasingly fragile” is like saying Homer Simpson enjoys donuts or Barney Frank is a ...

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Japan PM visits Okinawa over US military base move | AFP

TOKYO — Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda flew to Okinawa Sunday on a tough mission to persuade local islanders into accepting a plan to move a controversial US military base to another part of the island. On his first visit to the subtropical island chain in the East China Sea since taking office last September, Noda was due to meet ...

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AFGHANISTAN: IDPs at a crossroads | IRIN Asia

KABUL, 24 February 2012 (IRIN) – Thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Afghanistan, mainly from the strife-torn southern provinces, have been heading for Kabul in the hope of finding work and a better life, but most end up living in appalling conditions in makeshift camps. According to the Afghan Health Ministry, more than 20 children have frozen to death ...

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