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Chinese Security Officials Respond to Call for Protests | NYTimes.com

BEIJING — Skittish domestic security officials responded with a mass show of force across China on Sunday after anonymous calls for protesters to stage a Chinese “Jasmine Revolution” went out over social media and microblogging outlets. Although there were no reports of large demonstrations, the outsize government response highlighted China’s nervousness at a time of spreading unrest in the Middle ...

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Bahrain: The Social Roots of Revolt Against Another US Ally | Global Research

Many Bahrainis have witnessed huge wealth sloshing around their diminutive country of less than 600,000 indigenous people (perhaps another 300,000 are expatriates, official figures are vague). But so little of that wealth has found its way into creating jobs and decent accommodation. More than 50,000 Bahraini families are estimated to be on waiting lists for homes. Some families have been ...

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World Vision responds as thousands displaced due Thai-Cambodia border conflict | World Vision via ReliefWeb

More than 30,000 villagers living near the borders of Thailand and Cambodia were affected when the fighting erupted around the Preah Vihear temple in Preah Vihear province. The exchange of fire started on the first week of February and lasted for four days. “World Vision is concerned about the affected families – especially the children and babies – who are ...

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Long-awaited Philippine peace talks open in Norway | BBC News

Peace talks between the Philippine government and communist rebels have resumed in Norway, more than six years after the last round broke down. The negotiations near Oslo are aimed at ending the 42-year insurgency, which has claimed tens of thousands of lives. Talks got under way just hours after the arrest of a top guerrilla leader. Read more here: BBC ...

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