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Donald Trump and the Kurdish Question | Joseph Daher

On the statements of US President Donald Trump on the Kurdish question in Syria… “They’ve been fighting each other for centuries. Now the Kurdish people are fighting for their land””Essentialism continues from the peoples of the region who are only fighting because they are like this, born like this… and that for centuries… As a reminder, Obama tried to justify ...

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Beating ISIS in Mosul Won’t Heal Deep Iraq Divisions

*** Fighting ISIS is a coalition stretching from U.S. soldiers to Kurdish militias *** Iraq government is dominated by Shia sectarians *** No alternatives to unfair Iraqi government are on the horizon *** ISIS will fall, but another version will arise if injustices remain   The offensive to retake Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, has been going on since mid-October.  It ...

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What peace process in Syria? | Joseph Daher

Peace talks are stalled A promise of airdrops of food starting in June 250,000 are now getting aid Russian “withdrawal” false A campaign to stop recruiting child soldiers The negotiation process between the Assad regime and the Syrian opposition of the National Coalition was still stalled at the end of May 2016, despite statements of representatives of Russia and the ...

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