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Mazin Qumsiyeh

Another world is possible | Mazin Qumsiyeh

A visit to the Galilee just emphasized to me that we are on the right track to one democratic state where we live together in equality, peace, and harmony.  Another world is coming.  As you will see below, there is no difference in colonial settlement activity inside 1948 or 1967 occupied areas but that is all temporary phenomenon. Since my ...

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Israel Apartheid Week and more | Mazin Qumsiyeh

by Mazin Qumsiyeh Early this morning, Israeli forces brutally uprooted Palestinians who made presence in the Jordan Valley near Deir Hijlah. Many Palestinians were injured including our friend Abdullah Aburahma from Bil’in whose arm was broken. Israeli media ignored this event that lasted eight days of non-violent action that attempted to draw attention to the ongoing ethnic cleansing in the ...

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Snow and Subservience | Mazin Qumsiyeh

It is snowing here in Palestine.  My visitors from Gaza (a child being treated and his father) wish to go back to their family even though their wife tells us that they have no water and no electricity and that parts of the refugee camp that they live in is flooded (in Rafah).  But we are all concerned for the ...

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Prawer | Mazin Qumsiyeh via Popular Resistance

On Friday, all demonstrations in many Palestinian villages had the theme against the Prawer Plan. On Saturday in 30 countries, events were held to counter the Prawer plan to ethnically cleanse 40,000 Palestinians from the Negev in the 65 year colonial Zionist program to make Palestine a “Jewish state”. The demonstrations locally in Palestine were held in Haifa, the Triangle, ...

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Geopolitical shifts | Mazin Qumsiyeh via Popular Resistance

We are in the middle of major, some say tectonic, changes.  We see realignments going left and right that will change the geopolitical reality in Western Asia (the Euro term is “Middle East”) and even beyond.  Hamas abandoned Syria/ Hizbollah/Iran/Russia (SHIR) axis some two years ago and tried to accommodate the Zionist/US/Gulf monarchies (ZUG) axis.  It is now trying to ...

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Painful Times | By Mazin Qumsiyeh, popular-resistance.blogspot.com

By Mazin Qumsiyeh There will be a demonstration in Ramallah tomorrow (Saturday) at noon (Manara square) against the ongoing Oslo capitulations On Thursday we visited a 16 year old young man (Udai Sirhan) who had his skull chattered months ago by an Israeli bullet in Bethlehem and he is still hospitalized after three operations (photos at http://3abalata.blogspot.com/2013/09/blog-post.html).  The bullet is ...

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Concluding statement of The Welcome to Palestine Campaign April 2012 | Mazin Qumsiyeh

Concluding statement of The Welcome to Palestine Campaign April 2012 (and below that some links to relevant issues) The concluding conference for the Welcome to Palestine campaign was small because most of our friends were denied the opportunity to visit us.  Most have been denied their right to board airplanes and to come visit this tormented land and others still ...

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