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Path is Clear: Transform the Single Apartheid State | Jeff Halper

Trump’s imperial declaration that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel met with apathy on the part of Jerusalemites; we all know that Jerusalem has been thoroughly judaized over the past 50 years. The possibility of violence aside, for those who truly seek a just political settlement in Palestine/Israel (or as just as can be after 70 and more years of ...

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Forever Young: Staughton Lynd | Andy Piascik

This past Wednesday was Staughton Lynd’s 88th birthday. To mark the occasion, here is a story Andy Piascik wrote about Staughton a while back. Suddenly Staughton Lynd is all the rage. Again. In the last several years, Lynd has published a number of new books as well as new editions of classics such as Rank and File, plus a memoir ...

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