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2013 Closes with Unilateral Cease-fire in Colombia| Fellowship of Reconciliation

The FARC guerrillas and Colombian government have moved into the third of five points of peace talks – illicit drug policy – after coming to an agreement on political participation last month. But such participation was placed in doubt after the removal from office of democratically elected leftist Mayor Gustavo Petro by the right-wing Inspector General, based on “crisis and ...

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Urban food insecurity requires aid groups to shift tactics | IRIN

With the vast majority of population growth taking place in towns and cities, according to the UN, aid agencies are adapting their food security responses to better fit into urban contexts. An increasing number of tools and innovations are becoming available to help with this effort, but humanitarians have yet to undertake the shift required for large-scale systematic urban response, ...

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Kim the Third | FPIF

By John Feffer Consider the very Shakespearean epic unraveling today in Pyongyang. This particular tragedy involves a son and his uncle by marriage. There are plots and counter-plots. There are tragic reversals of fortune, dramatic denunciations, and a rising tide of blood. And North Korea’s official pronouncements on the case sound very Bard-like in their ornate archaisms. No one performs ...

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The Real Existential Threat | Consortiumnews

Most people on Earth – everyone born after World War II – have lived their entire lives under the threat of nuclear annihilation. But just because an existential threat has always been there doesn’t mean it won’t be activated, as Ira Helfand and Robert F. Dodge reflect. By Ira Helfand and Robert F. Dodge As physicians we spend our professional ...

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Laos: Anniversary of ‘Disappearance’ Demands Action | Human Rights Watch

The Lao government should immediately disclose the fate of prominent social activist Sombath Somphone, who was apprehended at a police checkpoint in Vientiane one year ago. The official investigation of his enforced disappearance on Dec. 15, 2012 was inadequate, and the government has yet to offer a credible explanation of Sombath’s whereabouts. “One year since Sombath Somphone ‘disappeared,’ the Lao ...

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Environment should play greater role in peacebuilding, UN reports | U.N. News Centre

Natural resources – which, in many conflict-affected countries, fuel and finance armed groups – can also play a major role in bringing about sustainable peace, the United Nations today reported urging Governments and partners to integrate natural resource management in post-conflict reintegration programmes. Incorporating natural resources in peacebuilding efforts can help to mitigate potential conflicts, such as disputes over land ...

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A new look at climate change | Reuters

By Mike Honda and Michael Shank The annual United Nations climate change talks, which concluded last month in Warsaw, unfortunately found little common ground on carbon. The talks broke down over the world’s richest nations’ inability to agree with the poorest on how to address the financial costs of global climate change. While disappointing, it’s not surprising. Developed countries like ...

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In Mexico, a victory for indigenous liberation | Waging Nonviolence

Alberto Patishtan (right) smiles after receiving a special pardon. He is accompanied by his son Hector (left) and Pedro Lopez (behind) who organized with Patishtan in prison and was freed this past summer. (WNV/Marta Molina)

After 13 years of unjust imprisonment, Mexican political prisoner Alberto Patishtan Gomez walked free on October 31. Over the course of his incarceration, the 42-year-old indigenous Tzotzil professor became one of Mexico’s leading voices protesting the unjust imprisonment of indigenous peoples, a widespread problem in a country where racism and violence against the indigenous communities is still rampant. From behind ...

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How The World Is Celebrating The Life Of Nelson Mandela | ThinkProgress

In his homeland of South Africa, mourners marched through the streets with tributes to Nelson Mandela. For more on this story, visit: PHOTOS: How The World Is Celebrating The Life Of Nelson Mandela | ThinkProgress. South Africa’s first black president died peacefully in company of his family at home in Johannesburg, Jacob Zuma announces For more on this story, visit: ...

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American Studies Association backs academic boycott of Israel | RT News

The American Studies Association (ASA) leadership is pushing a plan to boycott Israeli universities, saying that Palestinian students and scholars currently face severe obstructions to their right to education “due to the occupation.” The resolution was passed unanimously by the association’s 20-member national council – composed of elected representatives from the general ASA membership. ASA president Curtis Marez said the ...

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