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Snowden strikes again: ‘NSA in bed with Germany’ | RT — YouTube

US fugitive Edward Snowden has accused Germany and the US of partnering in spy intelligence operations, revealing that cooperation between the countries is closer than German indignation would indicate, Der Spiegel magazine reported. Journalist Manuel Ochsenreiter says German politicians are furious – but about being exposed, not by being spied on…. For more on this story, visit: Snowden strikes again: ...

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In Secret, Court Vastly Broadens Powers of NSA | RSN

The rulings, some nearly 100 pages long, reveal that the court has taken on a much more expansive role by regularly assessing broad constitutional questions and establishing important judicial precedents, with almost no public scrutiny, according to current and former officials familiar with the court’s classified decisions. For more on this story, visit: In Secret, Court Vastly Broadens Powers of ...

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Evo Morales threatens to close US embassy in Bolivia as leaders weigh in | guardian.co.uk

Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales, has warned he might close the US embassy in his country, as South America’s leftist leaders rallied to support him over the rerouting of his presidential plane. Morales again blamed Washington for putting pressure on European countries to refuse to allow his plane to fly through their airspace on Tuesday, forcing it to land in Vienna, ...

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How You (and President Obama) Can Close Guantanamo Prison | Medea Benjamin, Common Dreams.

Yesterday, July 1, marked the first day in office for Clifford Sloan, newly appointed Guantanamo closure envoy. Shortly after his May address on counterterrorism, President Obama appointed Sloan to the Office of Guantanamo Closure in the State Department, a position that had been vacant since January. The appointment and reopening of the office is the only concrete step the President ...

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Edward Snowden expected to leave Moscow, fly to Havana | GlobalPost

Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contracter who leaked details of secret US surveillance programs, is expected to leave Moscow for Havana on Monday. Little over 24 hours after he arrived in the Russian capital from Hong Kong, Snowden is due to board a Cuba-bound flight departing at 2:05 PM local time, a spokesman for Russia’s Aeroflot airline told ...

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From Edward Snowden to Bradley Manning, whistleblowers are the new generation of American patriots | Gary Younge, The Guardian

Just as America’s military record abroad, complete with torture and “collateral damage”, has helped push a section of disaffected Muslim youth across the globe towards terrorism, so the violation of civil liberties and privatization of information has driven a number of disillusioned Americans to law-breaking dissent at home. For more on this story, visit: From Edward Snowden to Bradley Manning, ...

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When people take injustice personally, it can grow into a powerful force for change | Amnesty International

The huge recent win of a new global Arms Trade Treaty shows that when people take injustice personally, it can grow into a powerful force for change. In Amnesty’s WIRE May/June issue, read interviews with people who have been arrested just for speaking their minds, including Katia Samutsevich from Russian band Pussy Riot (page 20). Also, find out why “there ...

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Chris Hedges: The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning – Chris Hedges’ Columns | Truthdig

The military trial of Bradley Manning is a judicial lynching. The government has effectively muzzled the defense team. The Army private first class is not permitted to argue that he had a moral and legal obligation under international law to make public the war crimes he uncovered. The documents that detail the crimes, torture and killing Manning revealed, because they ...

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