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Edward Snowden expected to leave Moscow, fly to Havana | GlobalPost

Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contracter who leaked details of secret US surveillance programs, is expected to leave Moscow for Havana on Monday. Little over 24 hours after he arrived in the Russian capital from Hong Kong, Snowden is due to board a Cuba-bound flight departing at 2:05 PM local time, a spokesman for Russia’s Aeroflot airline told ...

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From Edward Snowden to Bradley Manning, whistleblowers are the new generation of American patriots | Gary Younge, The Guardian

Just as America’s military record abroad, complete with torture and “collateral damage”, has helped push a section of disaffected Muslim youth across the globe towards terrorism, so the violation of civil liberties and privatization of information has driven a number of disillusioned Americans to law-breaking dissent at home. For more on this story, visit: From Edward Snowden to Bradley Manning, ...

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When people take injustice personally, it can grow into a powerful force for change | Amnesty International

The huge recent win of a new global Arms Trade Treaty shows that when people take injustice personally, it can grow into a powerful force for change. In Amnesty’s WIRE May/June issue, read interviews with people who have been arrested just for speaking their minds, including Katia Samutsevich from Russian band Pussy Riot (page 20). Also, find out why “there ...

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Chris Hedges: The Judicial Lynching of Bradley Manning – Chris Hedges’ Columns | Truthdig

The military trial of Bradley Manning is a judicial lynching. The government has effectively muzzled the defense team. The Army private first class is not permitted to argue that he had a moral and legal obligation under international law to make public the war crimes he uncovered. The documents that detail the crimes, torture and killing Manning revealed, because they ...

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Bradley Manning on TV Network News | FAIR

The first day of Bradley Manning’s court-martial trial was, by any rational definition, big news. Manning allegedly shared thousands of documents with the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks. Those revelations made enormous contributions to public knowledge about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and exposed some of the inner workings of U.S. foreign policy. If you care at all about war and ...

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Bradley Manning Trial: After 3 Years, Army Whistleblower Begins Court-Martial Shrouded in Secrecy | Democracy Now!

More than three years after he was arrested, Army whistleblower Bradley Manning goes on trial today accused of being behind the biggest leak of classified information in U.S. history. Manning faces life in prison for disclosing a trove of U.S. cables and government documents to the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks. On Saturday, hundreds of Manning supporters rallied outside the barracks at ...

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Petition asks that Bradley Manning receive Nobel Peace Prize | RootsAction.org

Bradley Manning has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and he should receive it,” according to the popular petition site RootsAction.org. “No individual has done more to push back against what Martin Luther King Jr. called ‘the madness of militarism’ than Bradley Manning,” the site reads. Alfred Nobel’s will left funding for a prize to be awarded to “the ...

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Hunger strike reinvigorates movement to close Guantánamo | Voices for Creative Nonviolence

In the aftermath of the Boston bombings, it is quite shocking that the renewed vigor to close Guantánamo has found the footing that it has. Even though many of the terrible myths started by the Bush administration’s War on Terror rhetoric linger, especially regarding the so-called “worst of the worst” at Guantánamo, Boston Globe columnist James Carroll recently added his ...

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Pakistani court rules CIA drone strikes are illegal | TBIJ

In the first major Pakistani court ruling on the legality of the CIA’s drone campaign in the country, a Peshawar High Court judge said this morning that strikes are ‘criminal offences’. Chief Justice Dost Muhammad Khan ordered Pakistan’s government to ‘use force if need be’ to end drone attacks in the country’s tribal regions. He ruled that US drone strikes ...

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