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Chris Hedges Resigns From Human Rights Organization PEN | Truthdig

The Truthdig columnist was scheduled to speak at events sponsored by PEN American Center next month, but he has resigned his membership in the writers’ organization over its executive director, Suzanne Nossel… “The suffering of the Palestinians under Israeli occupation and the plight of those caught up in our imperial wars in countries such as Iraq are not abstractions to ...

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Zimbabwe High Court frees on bail prominent lawyer | GlobalPost

The High Court in Zimbabwe on Monday freed on bail Beatrice Mtetwa, a prominent human rights lawyer who was arrested last week while representing the prime minister’s staffers. Mtetwa was granted bail after an earlier bail attempt was thrown out by a lower court. She faces charges of obstructing the course of justice. For more on this story, visit: Zimbabwe ...

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Ban appoints Flavia Pansieri as new deputy high commissioner for human rights | UN News Centre

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Flavia Pansieri of Italy as the new Deputy High Commissioner for Human Rights, it was announced today. Ms. Pansieri will replace Kyung-wha Kang of the Republic of Korea “to whom the Secretary-General and the High Commissioner for Human Rights are grateful for her dedicated service to the United Nations human rights programme during the past ...

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Trial to start despite last minute legal challenges | The Trial of Efrain Rios Montt & Jose Mauricio Rodriguez

This Tuesday, March 19, sees the scheduled start date for the oral phase of the trial on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity against Rios Montt and Rodriguez Sanchez. They are accused of being the intellectual authors of the assassination of 1,771 indigenous Mayans of Ixil ethnicity in the Quiche Department, the forced displacement of 29,000, and sexual violations ...

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Obama pursues linguist using Espionage Act | RT on YouTube

Another name has been added to the list of people persecuted by the Espionage Act of 1917. The latest causality is James Hitzelberger, a former contract linguist for the US government, is being accused of stealing classified information from a Navy base in Bahrain. Hitzelberger is the seventh person to be charged under the nearly century old act by President ...

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Bosnian woman helped make rape a war crime | AP News

PRIJEDOR, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) – There were days when she prayed for a bullet to end her suffering. When she thought she was dying of a heart attack, she whispered “Thank you God.” A young judge, Nusreta Sivac was one of 37 women raped by guards at a concentration camp in Bosnia. They never discussed the nightly traumas – their pained ...

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In the Words of Bradley Manning | Counterpunch

by NATHAN FULLER What would you do if you had evidence of war crimes? What would you do if ‘following orders’ meant participating in grave abuses that you opposed? Would you have the courage to risk everything – even your life – to do the right thing? Most of us would keep our mouths shut. Not Pfc. Bradley Manning. With ...

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Stanford opens new Human Rights Center | Stanford Daily

Professor of Law James Cavallaro will direct Stanford’s new Human Rights Center, in addition to its International Human Rights and Conflict Resolution Clinic. (Courtesy of James Cavallaro)

For James Cavallaro, professor of law and director of the new Stanford Human Rights Center, turning the Law School into one of the nation’s preeminent forums for thoughtful debate on the world’s most pressing human rights issues is an effort well worth undertaking and one that’s already well underway. He will have to fit his plans in between trips to ...

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Bradley Manning Admits Providing Files to WikiLeaks | NYTimes.com

FORT MEADE, Md. — Pfc. Bradley Manning on Thursday confessed in open court to providing vast archives of military and diplomatic files to the antisecrecy group WikiLeaks, saying that he released the information to help enlighten the public about “what happens and why it happens” and to “spark a debate about foreign policy.” For more on this story, visit: Bradley ...

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