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Torture is a MORAL issue

An impartial, nonpartisan, and independent Commission of Inquiry is needed to seek the full truth about U.S. torture policies and practices since 9/11. Send an email today. Involve your congregation: Use this petition to gather support for a Commission of Inquiry. Tell your friends about our new video – And that some things are always wrong. Send an email to ...

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Kathy Kelly: Counter Terror, Build Justice

It takes (roughly) $1 million a year to keep one U.S. soldier in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, drone strikes and occupation are a way of life in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and longtime peace activist Kathy Kelly just returned from a trip there to see firsthand the consequences for the people on the ground. Kathy joins Laura Falnders to discuss the consequences of ...

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Rev. Jesse Jackson: Congress Ignores Nation’s Job Crisis

Some 300,000 teachers face layoffs this coming year, writes civil rights activist Rev. Jesse Jackson. Congress hasn’t even had a vote on legislation that would keep them employed. Teenage employment was at record lows last year — when the stimulus bill funded some summer jobs. It is June, the school year is ending, and a $1.4 billion bill to provide ...

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No Money for Afghanistan escalation! Stop the Attack on Kandahar!

This month, Congress will decide whether to fund continued escalation of the war, even as the Obama administration faces a turning point in Afghanistan strategy. President Hamid Karzai of Afghan istan will be in Washington May 10-13 to seek U.S. permission to negotiate with the Taliban and other armed insurgents. But the U.S. plans instead to fight the insurgents in ...

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Soldier in Iraq Loses Home Over $800 Debt

Capt. Michael Clauer’s homeowners’ association foreclosed on his family’s $300,000 house and sold it for $3,500. — By Nick Baumann Michael Clauer is a captain in the Army Reserve who commanded over 100 soldiers in Iraq. But while he was fighting for his country, a different kind of battle was brewing on the home front. Last September, Michael returned to ...

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AFP: One thousand protest against Israel in London

LONDON — More than a thousand pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrated outside the Israeli embassy in London Monday to denounce Israel’s storming of a Gaza-bound aid flotilla which left at least nine people dead.Waving Palestinian flags and placards saying “Disarm Israel” and accusing Israel of “war crimes”, the protesters had earlier marched through the capital and stopped outside the prime minister’s Downing ...

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Kucinich: White House Assassination Policy Is Extrajudicial | The Nation

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, 2004 Gandhi Peace Award recipient, demonstrates the vision and courage needed to restore peace policies consistent with international law and the US Constitution. His opposition to targeted drone assassinations by the CIA points to the policies needed to establish peaceful and just systems in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. There has been almost universal silence among Congressional Democrats ...

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Amy Goodman to speak in New Haven as part of book tour

By Amy Goodman, Edited by Denis Moynihan, Foreword by Bill Moyers Amy Goodman breaks through the corporate media’s lies, sound-bites, and silence in this wide-ranging new collection of articles. In place of the usual suspects, the “experts” who, in Goodman’s words, “know so little about so much, explain the world to us, and get it so wrong,” this accessible, lively ...

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Tell Congress: Take a stand for women’s rights and safety

Promoting Enduring Peace stands with the United Nations in working to stop violence against women. Please sign this petition and urge others to join us. It is the world’s most pervasive human rights violation. One of every three women in the world faces violence, coercion, or abuse as part of her everyday life — and more than 70% of women ...

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