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Venezuela’s revolution remains a process | WNV

What is happening in Venezuela today? The start of a new year is always a good time to bring new thinking to seemingly intractable situations, and there are few situations more confusing to the North American progressive community than this basic query about the radical South American state. Is it a revolutionary government worthy of support, facing covert or overt ...

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The Conviction of Another Dancehall Star Fails to Shock Crime-Weary Jamaicans | Global Voices

Screenshot from the YouTube video “Ninja Mi Ninja” by Ninjaman.

When, on November 21, 2017, dancehall deejay Desmond “Ninja Man” Ballentyne was found guilty of murder and shooting with intent, Jamaicans’ response was somewhat similar to that of the man himself: “Ah suh it guh, man.” (Translated from Patois: “That’s the way things go, man.”) The self-styled “Don Gorgon” — a name generally given to “community leaders” with the greatest ...

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