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In Pursuit of Jumandy: The Race for Oil and Ecuador’s Indigenous People | Counterpunch

It is estimated that oil exploitation in Yasuní-ITT would release 410 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Potentially, drilling in Pungarayacu would release at least twice as much. In 1578 Jumandy and his warriors avoided their enemies for a short while by fleeing to the caverns. Now the descendants of his warriors have nowhere to hide. But then, with global atmospheric CO2 at 400 parts per million and counting, neither do their pursuers.

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Conversation with Uruguay’s José Mujica | COHA

Asked whether he is interested in Uruguay becoming a mediator between the United States and Venezuela. The head of state said, “... no one should enter in the internal affairs of a democratic country, because that is what Venezuela is. We must not forget that it is a democratic country, where the only way to amend the constitution is by a plebiscite. It is a country that deserves to be respected, and its constitution [deserves the same treatment]. You have to respect Venezuela and the whole Latin America.”

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Interview with Ex-CIA Collaborator: ‘The CIA’s Plans in Venezuela Are Far Advanced’ | venezuelanalysis.com

In a recent interview in Havana, a former CIA collaborator, Cuban Raúl Capote, revealed the strategy of the CIA in Venezuelan universities to create the kind of destabilizing opposition student movement the country is currently facing. He also discusses media manipulation, and alleges that one of the U.S. diplomats that President Maduro expelled from Venezuela last September was in fact ...

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Will El Salvador become another Venezuela? | RT Op-Edge

Supporters of presidential candidate Salvador Sanchez Ceren (not pictured) celebrate at the closing of voting for the run-off election in San Salvador, El Salvador on March 9, 2014 (AFP Photo / Jose Cabezas)

Inspired by the US-backed anti-government protests in Venezuela, El Salvador’s oligarchs are preparing to follow the same strategy. If the electoral results are not to its benefit, the US-backed Venezuelan opposition almost always refuses to recognize the outcome of Venezuela’s fair elections. This is now the case in El Salvador too. The oligarchs heading the country’s right-wing National Republican Party ...

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Venezuela In Turmoil For Lack Of Flour, Milk And Diapers | NPR

Student-led demonstrations have been roiling Venezuela for more than a month. At least 28 people have been killed and dozens wounded in confrontations between security forces and those who have taken to the streets. The list of grievances — rising crime, inflation — is long, but the main one for many is the scarcity of basic foodstuffs. As with everything ...

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