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Argentina should adopt us, say Chile protesters | The Guardian

Protesters in a remote region of Chile have triggered controversy by asking Argentina to “adopt” them because they feel forgotten by Chile’s government. Residents in Aysén, a sparsely populated Patagonian realm of glaciers and forests, have lit bonfires, blocked roads and clashed with police in a campaign for more support from the capital Santiago, 800 miles (1,300km) to the north. ...

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Honduras: Our Continuing Catastrophe | Truthout

Honduras has become a human rights disaster. The country now has the world’s highest murder rate. And impunity for political violence is the norm. For all this, the United States deserves a good deal of the blame. I was pleased to see the New York Times recently publish a hard-hitting op-ed by Dana Frank that makes this case. For more ...

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Repulsive progressive hypocrisy | Salon.com

During the Bush years, Guantanamo was the core symbol of right-wing radicalism and what was back then referred to as the “assault on American values and the shredding of our Constitution”: so much so then when Barack Obama ran for President, he featured these issues not as a secondary but as a central plank in his campaign. But now that ...

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Guatemala’s Reign of Terror: Then and Now | Counterpunch

Guatemalan prosecutors announced January 26 that 85-year old Efraín Ríos Montt, military dictator in 1982-1983, was going to trial in March. He’s accused of responsibility for killing and disappearing thousands of mostly poor and indigenous Guatemalans. Gratified, blogger Juan José Guerrero wrote: “I was surgeon in the Coban Regional Hospital when you (Ríos Montt) were the de facto government leader. ...

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In Honduras, a Mess Helped by the U.S. | NYTimes.com

IT’S time to acknowledge the foreign policy disaster that American support for the Porfirio Lobo administration in Honduras has become. Ever since the June 28, 2009, coup that deposed Honduras’s democratically elected president, José Manuel Zelaya, the country has been descending deeper into a human rights and security abyss. That abyss is in good part the State Department’s making. For ...

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Guatemala: Ex dictador to face genocide charges | Times Union

GUATEMALA CITY (AP) — The defense lawyer for former dictator Efrain Rios Montt said Friday that a judge violated due process when she issued unprecedented genocide charges against Rios Montt for conduct during Guatemala’s bloody civil war. Danilo Rodriguez Galvez said Judge Carol Patricia Flores was supposed to issue her decision only after hearing testimony on allegations that Rios Montt ...

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American Shame in Colombia: The US is Supporting Egregious Human Rights Abuses | Counterpunch

As Noam Chomsky has often cautioned, when considering foreign relations, and especially military intervention, states should always heed the primary Hippocratic oath – “First, do no harm.” The U.S. has certainly disregarded this admonition with reckless abandon in Latin America, and Colombia is the foremost example of this, at least at the present time. Human Rights Watch appears to concur ...

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Latin America confronts state atrocities of bloody past | guardian.co.uk

Latin America is confronting past civil wars and dictatorships this week with a series of prosecutions and apologies that are shining a light on decades-old atrocities. Governments and courts in Guatemala, Argentina, Colombia and El Salvador moved to acknowledge and possibly punish state-sanctioned violence during cold war-era campaigns against leftwing insurgents. Human rights campaigners welcomed the initiatives but warned that ...

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