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Obama’s State Department Takes Cues from Right-Wing Cubans on Venezuela | North American Congress on Latin America

One sign of just how much Obama’s State Department has become indistinguishable from that of the Bush era is that on Venezuela-related matters it now takes its cues from right-wing Cubans. Last week the State Department announced that it would declare Venezuela’s Consul General in Miami, Livia Acosta, persona non grata and that she had 72 hours to leave the ...

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US laundered millions for drug cartels | RT

The Mexican Drug War has so far yielded around 50,000 deaths and has become one of the biggest problems poised on North America during the last century. It might be a tremendous tally of lost lives, but just as impressive though is the amount of money that the US has invested in the war. Since attempting to cooperate in the ...

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War on Venezuela: Washington’s False Accusations Against The Chavez Government | Postcards from the Revolution

Obama’s reckless bandwagoning of aggression against Venezuela could lead to an unnecessary atrocity. As President Chavez said, Obama would be better off focusing on the troubles at home, rather than trying to create new ones abroad. For more on this story, visit: Postcards from the Revolution: War on Venezuela: Washington’s False Accusations Against The Chavez Government.

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