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Looking Back at the Vietnam War | Andy Piascik

Leaders of the radical American student group the Weathermen, (left to right) Jim Mellen, Peter Clapp, John Jacobs, Bill Ayers, and Terry Robbins (1946 - 1970), march at the van of a group of demonstrators during the 'Days of Rage' actions organized by the Weathermen to protest the trial of the Chicago Seven and 'to bring the war home.' (Photo by David Fenton/Getty Images)

With Ken Burns’ multi-part documentary about the Vietnam War currently playing on public television, I share an article I wrote in 2015 about the war and ongoing elite efforts to re-write history. From what I’ve seen and what I’ve read by people I respect, Burns is perpetuating those elite distortions. This year marks 40 years since the end of the ...

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