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Peace in the Arts

Top 10 Great Works of Nuclear Cinema | AlterNet

Despite the maddening lack of mainstream coverage, Fukushima remains a ticking time bomb, according to physicist Michio Kaku, who said Northern Japan was almost wiped off the map. In other words, there’s really no good news. The only positive outcome of the Fukushima clusterfuck is that nations around the world have now seriously considered abandoning their nuclear programs altogether. Germany ...

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New Edition of Richelson’s “U.S. Intelligence Community” | Secrecy News

A new edition of Jeffrey Richelson’s encyclopedic work on “The U.S. Intelligence Community” (Westview Press, July 2011) has just been published. The book provides a uniquely synoptic view of the structure and functions of the massive U.S. intelligence bureaucracy. Descriptive rather than prescriptive, the book serves best as a guide to some of the more obscure details of intelligence organizations, ...

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Barbara Kingsolver wins literary peace prize | USATODAY.com

Barbara Kingsolver, whose 1998 novel, The Poisonwood Bible, about a missionary family in the Congo, was a Oprah Book Club selection, is the winner of a literary peace prize. Kingsolver was named Tuesday as the receiptant of the Richard C. Holbrooke Distinguished Achievement Award, named for the late U.S. diplomat who played a key role in negotiating the 1995 Dayton ...

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Comics for peace in South Asia by Masud Alam | Common Ground News Service

Sharad Sharma, a social activist based in Delhi, stumbled upon the idea of “grassroots comics”. Simply put, these are drawings by socially active people, including children. And they are giving a voice to the voiceless. These comics dramatise specific issues – such as education, gender discrimination, employment woes, etc. – and bring them to the fore within the community, inspiring ...

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Say your piece in “War and Peace” | RT

That quintessential work of Russian literature, Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace”, will be made much of in the historic city of Angers in France’s Loire Valley, where a public reading of his epic drama will take place. ­The entire colossal novel in three volumes – all 1,700 pages – will be read aloud, in French, over the course of a ...

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The Power of Song, From Selma to Syria | Truthout

How should music rank among the ever-growing list of time-tested nonviolent methods such as boycotts, marches, strikes, sit-ins, and vigils? Anthony Shadid of the New York Times reports that a song, “Come on Bashar, Leave,” is spreading across Syria, boldly calling on President Bashar al-Assad to step down. (Bryan Farrell also wrote about it at Waging Nonviolence yesterday.) The article ...

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Sudan: UN promotes peace and disarmament in Darfur through the arts | UN News Centre

26 July 2011 – In a bid to promote peace, security and reconciliation in Darfur, the United Nations-African Union peacekeeping mission to the Sudanese region (UNAMID) and other UN entities have used the performing arts to raise awareness of a disarmament and demobilization process. The event, held yesterday in El Srief locality, 45 kilometres north of El Fasher, the capital ...

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Official Trailer: Revenge of the Electric Car

Chris Paine’s 2006 documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car, arrived with perfect timing, capturing the country’s collective frustration with sky-high energy prices as well as our growing disenchantment with the automotive alternatives on offer. Let’s hope his sequel, Revenge of the Electric Car, previewed last week in New York and set for wide release this October, proves equally as prescient. ...

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FILM: Cote d’Ivoire: In Search of Stability | IRIN Africa

IRIN Films is pleased to announce the release of Côte d’Ivoire: In Search of Stability, the latest in a series of “primer” documentaries which, through interviews with experts and officials, outlines key issues and challenges faced by various countries. For much of its post-independence history, Côte d’Ivoire was beacon of stability and an economic powerhouse in West Africa. But a ...

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