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Real Story in Rolling Stone Article: Inner Circle Knows Afghanistan War Facts Would Kill Remaining Public Support | CommonDreams.org

While the country focused on the fall of General Stanley McChrystal following Michael Hastings’ explosive Rolling Stone article, a notable story was buried in the piece: top military officials know that public awareness of the facts of the war would greatly erode public support. “If Americans pulled back and started paying attention to this war, it would become even less ...

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The American Way of War: The Dismal “War on Terror” from Bush to Obama | by Daniel Luban via CommonDreams.org

A succinct analysis of Tom Englehart’s book on empire and war in the Bush and Obama administrations. CHICAGO – A year and a half into the presidency of Barack Obama, any hopes that he would usher in a dramatic rethinking of U.S. foreign policy have been more or less definitively dashed. Notwithstanding the wild-eyed warnings of right-wing hawks who see ...

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Academy Award-Winning Filmmaker Oliver Stone Tackles Latin America’s Political Upheaval in ‘South of the Border’

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Oliver Stone has taken on three American presidents in JFK, Nixon and W. and the most controversial aspects of the war in Platoon and Born on the Fourth of July. He looked at the greed of the financial industry in the Hollywood hit Wall Street and its forthcoming sequel. In South of the Border, his latest documentary ...

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TomDispatch’s Engelhardt on his new book ‘The American Way of War: How Bush’s Wars Became Obama’s’

Democracy Now discusses the latest in the ongoing US war in Afghanistan, the longest-running war in American history, with Tom Engelhardt, creator and editor of the website TomDispatch and author of The American Way of War: How Bush’s Wars Became Obama’s. Engelhardt says the US war in Afghanistan has troubling parallels with the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan of the 1980s. Amy ...

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What’s Next for the Nuclear Disarmament Movement?

By Lawrence S. Wittner, June 9, 2010 The last 19 months have been a tumultuous time for the nuclear disarmament movement, placing it, today, on the cusp of some important decisions about its future direction. Many advocates of nuclear disarmament felt considerable elation at the election of Barack Obama in 2008. In the previous years, the Bush administration had scrapped ...

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The Buddha: A film by David Grubin premiered April 7, 2010

This documentary for PBS by award-winning filmmaker David Grubin and narrated by Richard Gere, tells the story of the Buddha’s life, a journey especially relevant to our own bewildering times of violent change and spiritual confusion. It premiered April 7, 2010 and features the work of some of the world’s greatest artists and sculptors, who across two millennia, have depicted ...

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On Gandhi’s Path

Bigger has turned out not to be better. Servicing the global economy has exacted a heavy toll in the erosion of our communities and the destruction of our environment. Increasingly, we are coming to realize that the way forward looks a lot like the way back—back to strong local economies; back to resilient, tight-knit communities; back to the land and ...

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